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I created this website during my time with Bürohallo.

Bürohallo is an integrated design studio dedicated to reviving the city of Dessau. The studio offers a range of services, mainly transdisciplinary and driven by social objectives. Young and in constant mutation, Bürohallo has already realised a number of projects that deal with complex issues and take shape in various forms. The field chosen by Bürohallo leads them to find intelligent, efficient and rapid solutions to put into practice.

The purpose of the website is to propose and organize all these projects in an easily understandable way, while also hinting at the studio’s pragmatic and functional design. With their collaboration, we decided to focus the attention on their realised works.

The site is built around two columns hosting the photographs of their finished projects. We left room for an intro page as well as a few statements to bring back the warm and friendly character of the Bürohallo’s two members.

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