Brand Success


I created this book for IONIS Group, in collaboration with FYP Editions.

This book gives 50 reference cases in brand marketing and communication. It explains core concepts, takes readers through the steps for successful project implementation, and shares the know-how of leading professionals in the brand and marketing industries. Brand Success comes from a recognized player in the publishing industry and brings exciting insights into the to iconic accomplishments that nurture today's creativity in advertising. It gives readers a solid theoretical foundation in the science of branding.

To cohesively present advertising campaigns, I chose to design with two colours (black + Pantone). The black is used for content, and the Pantone to highlight specific elements. Working with black-and-white images allows the text and the ideas to be placed at the center of the reader's attention. In order to create a rhythm in the whole book, I produced some breaks made of quotations from renowned commercialists and illustrations.

Paperback book cover 230x160 mm,
224 pagesOffset printing


Ionis Group

Art Direction


tristan bezard