DataNomics V02-1.jpg

This book cover was created for FYP Éditions.

Datanomics interrogates the power of data: it fuels our new economy and gives us opportunities for new economic developments like never before. But controlling the production and dissemination of the data seems like more and more of a strategic challenge that will only intensify with the IoT boom in objects, detectors and portable technologies. Its presence in our lives is a subject of concern for people who see their lives expressed as data and fear algorithmic surveillance.

For this book, I wanted to symbolize the power of the data. In order to do so, I created a perspective effect with an Illustration. This illustration represents an explosion of data approaching the reader and colliding with the title.

Paperback Book
140 x 205 mm, 192 pages
Offset printing

FYP Éditions

Art Direction, Book Cover


tristan bezard