Jeunes Designers

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I created this graphic identity in collaboration with Allison Haguenier for ESAD d’orleans.

The Jeunes Designers exhibition takes place every year at the ESAD d’orleans school as a celebration of the graduated students in the Graphic and Object Design Masters Degree programmes.

The ESAD d’orleans philosophy is built on the collaboration between the Graphic and Object design schools within the university. We chose this as our starting point in creating an identity for the even, and decided to link the various communication media (flyer, poster campaign, email, documentation booklet and guidance system) to the exhibition design. In order to do this, we worked directly with the materials used to build the space.

Poster campaign: 594x420 mm Laser printing,
Flyer: 230x160mm, Laser printing,
Documentation booklet: 230x160mm, Laser printing,
Guidance System:Multi-format, Laser printing

Livret MockUp 1.jpg
Invit Print Mock up 01.jpg
Livret MockUp 2.jpg

ESAD d’Orléans

Art Direction, Graphic Identity


tristan bezard