Les développeurs


This book cover was created for FYP Éditions.

Les développeurs documents the emergence of a new archetype: the Developer, the new icon of technological innovation. Popular culture often depicts the Developer as a surly misfit who moonlights as a hacker. But in reality, the Developer represents a radical paradigm shift in the labor force: as highly skilled laborers, their knowledge doesn’t come from a standard training but are acquired as Developers explore new technologies like drones, 3D printing and more. As a result Developers exist outside the scope of typical management and organisations, and businesses must evolve accordingly.

With the intention to represent the content of the book, the most effective and powerful way was to use a full-paged portrait of a developer. My graphical choice was to reduce the line into simple pixels. This decision allowed me to create an abstract and universal character in order to represent an archetype of The Developer.

Paperback book, 140 x 190 mm,
144 pages, Offset printing


FYP Éditions

Art Direction, Book Cover


tristan bezard